The Speakeasy Construction Continues!

That's right, we have electricity!  


It’s very important to us to have a venue, not a white box, where all the design details are considered and executed to perfection.  This space should be unique, elegant, and speak to the vintage aspect of, not only the 130-year-old building that houses it, but the concept of the Speakeasy, where the private wine club Wine Dispensary lives inside. 

We had an incredible mason come in and install the brick.  It is comprised of real brick, about 1” thick, so as to be able to insulate the space behind it and not becoming too heavy for the studs behind it. 

The next special touch is the ceiling.  Made from real metal, stamped in the same way it would have been more than a century ago.  And this is no cut-corners, modernized drop ceiling! These tiles were measured, placed, and screwed directly into the ceiling in a process reminiscent of the late Victorian Era and the birth of Art Deco. 

And… the Wine Dispensary has finally taken shape! 


Probably the smallest “liquor store” in the world, this is the home of Colorado’s premier private wine club.  We plan to procure libations from the Wine Dispensary for every event we hold here,


The Wine Dispensary is a unique place where clients try wines before they buy, enjoy the personalized service of an entertaining sommelier, and the convenience of order delivery to your home or office. 

Now that we have final touches in place – lights, fans, a savvy audio/visual system, our doors are open! 


Stay tuned for some professional shots of the entire space! 


Don’t wait too long to come check us out! We are busy booking the holiday season right now, so to reserve your next fall event or holiday party, please come tour the space by contacting our event planners at Stellar Events or at our contact form here.

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