The Denver Speakeasy Has Begun Construction!

Finding the space was one long process – years in the making!  We finally uncovered an excellent location and size in Downtown Denver, but the adventure to opening our doors has only just begun!   

First thing’s first – the concrete floors!

Polishing concrete is a tedious and, ahem, very messy affair indeed!  It took my husband and a week to complete the 1700 square feet. 

HVAC Arrives!

Once the dust settled, we got our first big shipment – heating & cooling equipment!  Definitely an odd thing to get so excited about when you’re a team of event planners, but we are learning the ropes day by day!  We’d like to thank Mark Davis at Squareroot Construction for lining up our workers and getting this thing going quickly!

And now the framing begins!

A thousand pieces of metal studs have to be put in place in the exact specifications dictated by Denver building code.  Not an easy feat by any stretch of the imagination!  Some late, late nights took place, I have to say.




We are watching the progress every day, and we are so close to opening our doors!


Don’t wait too long to come check us out! We are booking for the holiday season right now, so to reserve your next fall event or holiday party, please come tour the space by contacting us or Stellar Events, our partnering event planning company. 


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